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The Mystic Meg Prediction Experiment 2006
Mystic Meg is a popular "psychic" and astrologer who has regular astrology columns in the News of the World and Sun newspapers. She came to greater public notoriety when she hosted what became a regular item on the first broadcast of the National Lottery draw in 1994. Her predictions for the coming year are published in the first edition of the News of the World every January. For 2006, the 1st January was a Sunday. Coincidence? I think not...

Anyway, the year's predictions seemed extremely precise and in some case, quite bold. So I thought I'd keep track, just to see how good she is, because let's face there are people out there who rely on Meg and her astro-chums to organise their day, to make life-or-death decisions and to chose what colour socks they should wear.

Below is a genuine scan of Meg's predictions in the News of the World (I don't buy it obviously, it's the girlfriend, yeah that's it). I have the original stored safely and will check the predictions over the coming year and see what happens. I'd hate to think she was just making it all up. There's also an FAQ page here if you want it

If you still believe in Meg, click here and she'll predict some lottery numbers for you.

Damn and blast. I've started checking 2007, this time day-by-day, (dont ask) but it's here Link to Mystic Meg 2007 predictions.

Meg's Prediction... ...and in the real world
England win the World Cup RESULT knackers and arse: End of Road for Wayward England (BBC). England lose to Portugal in World Cup quarter finals.
Wayne Rooney scores and remains injury free RESULT Wayne Ronney was injured before the World Cup even started BBC link. Now, fair enough he may remain injury-free now that he's started playing again, but if MM was so good, why didn't she spot the major talking point of the World Cup build up in her tea leaves? RESULT 2 Wayne Rooney didn't score (BBC) [See Squad Stats].
Peter Crouch comes on for 10 minutes and scores a winner RESULT Peter Crouch did score, but he didn't "come on for 10 minutes and score a winner". he played all 90 minutes of England Vs Trinidad and Tobago.
Zara Phillips wins a three-day eventing championship... RESULT Well, well, well. Brilliant Phillips storms to gold.
...then marries Mike Tindall RESULT No, she didn't.
[In Britain] we'll have snow at Easter... RESULT oh meggy. if only you'd said snow in April you'd have had a point... the Easter Bank Holiday weekend passed with a load of rain, some sun and a bit of wind. much like any easter in Britain. just to make sure, I emailed the Met Office doesn't bode well for the scorching summer. 3-0.
...and then a scorching summer until November... RESULT Well, sort of. 2006 was the hottest year since records began, but May was the wettest for 25 years, and August was the 'dullest since 1987', so no. sorry Meg.
...George Bush snowed in during the summer RESULT Autumn begins, officially, today. George Bush was not snowed in over the summer. Another one against MM.
Jordan and Peter Andre will be lovers in 2006... RESULT MM can have this one, as far as we are aware Mr and Mrs Andre are still married, so even though we can't prove the five previous lives bit, they're still lovers. Well done Meg.
Tony Blair writes a farewell speech...but there's a rival for Gordon Brown RESULT Do you know what? I'm feeling generous, MM can have this one Blair's emotional farewell. Tony Blair has delivered a farewell speech to the Labour Party Conference. So she can have a point. I know I was thinking he'd actually be leaving this year, but I've had her on the summer ending technicality, so fair's fair. And what's more Reid's end-of-rally job pitch, it doesn't take a psychic to work out that John Reid will probably be our next Prime Minister, so score one for Meg.
Aliens transmit from their planet to ours proving that there is life out there RESULT Alas and alack, there were no aliens. Poor Meg, I know she's been hooked on ether for a while, but surely this was to far-fetched even for her...
Elton John's Dog has six puppies RESULT No puppies for Elton? no mention of it on his site, so I think we'll have to say Megworth was wrong...
Big Brother Seven...separately adopted twins RESULT there were no twins in the Big Brother house, separately adopted or not. thank fuck that's over (links to Channel 4 site).
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie marry in the spring... RESULT They didn't BBC again
...despite a hitch over paperwork RESULT Well, there was no wedding, so no paperwork, hitched or otherwise...
Charlotte Church will be wearing an engagement ring this summer RESULT Autumn begins, officially, today. As of 23rd September 2006, Charlotte Church is not engaged.
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman plan separate weddings on the same day... RESULT On June 25th, Nicole Kidman was married in Sydney, Australia. Link to BBC. Mr Cruise got married in November. You'll notice this wasn't the same day...
...then both become parents of twins RESULT Mrs Cruise had one baby in April, Ms Kidman didn't have any...
Extensions for stubby fingers and jabs to plump up scrawny fingers become the new nip-and-tuck craze RESULT apart from one brief mention in the Daily Mail in June, nothing else really happened with this, so i'm going to have to call it against MM. Shame, I'd quite like one really long finger.
Scotland win the Six Nations... RESULT On 18th March 2006, France won the Six Nations (it's a rugby tournament). Scotland finished third. link to BBC rugby.
...and Rhona and the Scottish Curling girls win gold in the winter olympics RESULT In 2002 the British Ladies' Curling team won an unexpected Gold Medal at the Winter Olympics. On January 1st 2006, Old Meggy predicted confidently, in black and white they'd win a second. This is what we like. Putting her money where her spooky mouth is. Let's see... British women curlers knocked out (link to the BBC).
A new island appears out of the sea near Australia